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December 17, 2018 05:56 AM
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From the very beginning of Chrom&Spec development great attention was paid to handling of data from multi-channel detectors. Now Chrom&Spec can work with data from DAD and other spectrometric detectors.

Chrom&Spec offers powerful analytical means allowing to develop of all the benefits of multi-channel detection and to automate processing methods. Chrom&Spec –based complexes are successfully used in forensic, pharmaceutical and food analysis. There are some unique instruments in Chrom&Spec that improves quality of data treatment, e.g. computation of the spectrum of the peak using “purest peak point” approach. Compared to known techniques, this approach is more robust, noise resistant and allows handling of peaks with overloaded detector response.

Chrom&Spec allows to create and handle spectra libraries containing retention time information and fully automate spectral analysis. While studying of unknown components software implements one-button routine, that offers most probable candidate from the database and also a list of other candidates within admissible limits and all of them with approximate concentrations.

Spectral analysis allows not only identify unknowns, but also check for impurities, even in the case of insufficient chromatographic separation, which is especially vital in pharmaceutical analysis.

Convenient visualization means, such as 2D and 3D chromatogram views and peak identification wizard can significantly help in processing method development.

More information can be found using demonstration software and documentation.






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